Education that has relevance and focused on improving the clinical practice of practitioners. Presentations that have been developed deliver a balance between learning and participant engagement.

Presentation Descriptions

The Subtle Art of Instructional Judo

Presentation Description: Have you had a student who challenged your instructional authority?  Have you experienced a student who is wrong but insists they are correct?  Ever wonder how you can manage that student who constantly disrupts class conversation?  Engaging,...

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Demystifying Cellular Physiology for EMS Education

Presentation Description: Understanding cellular physiology should be a foundational concept for EMS providers.  Without this foundation, it is difficult to appreciate why various disease processes cause specific physical manifestations within our patients. ...

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That Wide Beat is What?…

Presentation Description: Is this wide beat rhythm ventricular tachycardia or SVT with aberrancy?  Without the proper information and resources, this can be a difficult question to answer.  This session will introduce participants to the information needed to...

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Dancing to the Beat: Understanding Cardiac Pharmacology

Presentation Description: Understanding various cardiac medications that influence the pathophysiology of patients suffering from cardiac conditions is important for EMS providers.  This session provides a simple and understandable approach to how cardiac medications...

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Making a Difference in Chest Trauma

Presentation Description: Differentiating between major thoracic injuries can sometimes be a challenging process.  An entertaining, but memorable method for approaching the scene size up will be introduced.  Participants will also be provided with a simple, yet...

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Elusive Endocrinology

Presentation Description: Have you ruled out diabetes but can’t explain your patient’s altered condition?  This interactive case study presentation highlights Addison’s disease, Cushing’s Syndrome, and Grave’s disease.  A nuts and bolts approach will be used to...

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Uncommon Names for Common Fractures

Presentation Description: These are not your run-of-the-mill orthopedic injuries.  Interactive case studies will be used to address the critical aspects for identifying Malgaigne, Pipkin, Chance, Jefferson, and Salter-Harris fractures.  Once identified, there are...

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Fun with Physiology: Let’s Get Cellular

Presentation Description: There is a good chance you were taught cellular physiology in a very academic manner.  This session will address cellular “action potentials” in a manner that is anything but academic.  Interactive case studies will illustrate how cellular...

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